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December 31, 2014 Northwest Herald article about Mane in Heaven by Allison Goodrich,  featuring pictures from the AP story covering our hospital visit to Rush. This article did a GREAT job of explaining so much about who we are and what we do:


December 4, 2014 Associated Press article by Lindsey Tanner covering our first hospital visit at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.  The news article and video were so popular that we were trending as one of the top stories on Yahoo,, People, Today, ABC, Fox, Huffington Post and so many more.  It was the 2nd largest trending story that Rush University Medical Center has ever had and the story was picked up  internationally by over 7 countries.  We would like to thank Lindsey for the wonderful story as well as Rush University Medical Center and Robyn Hart for allowing our miniature therapy horses to visit.  Thank you to Dr. Paul Kent for believing in the power of animal healing for your young cancer patients.  ”Your” kids are lucky to have you as their doctor. Here is the article as listed in the Huffington Post which includes both the written story and the video (on Youtube).


October 18, 2014 ABC 7 LIVE (on 10/18/14) interview of Jodie Diegel and Dina Morgan at the 5K Trot-a-Thon at Silver Lining Equestrian:  “Mane in Heaven Animal-Assisted Activity Provides Therapy for Disabled:”


September 4, 2014 Clifford Law Offices Law Blog “Mane in Heaven Helping Children”:


August 26, 2014 CBS 2 Chicago’s Vince Gerasole (and cameraman Lou) filmed us LIVE 5-7am at Rosegate Equestrian Center. It was a great opportunity to show off our minis and advertise for our upcoming 5K Trot-a-thon, our main fundraiser! Here are links to the 4 LIVE clips or google CBS 2 Chicago Mane in Heaven:






July 25, 2014 Chicago Tribune article by Lisa Black, “Miniature Horses Delight Seniors” from our visit to Friendship Village of Schaumburg, IL (if you can’t read the article after clicking on the link, google Mane in Heaven Friendship Village):,0,1304715.story


June 30, 2014 WGN TV interview “Tiny Horse, Big Impact.”  A wonderful WGN TV segment (Channel 9 Chicago) by reporter Amy Rutledge who discusses how the Mane in Heaven therapy horses are small, unique and can make a powerful difference in the lives of challenged men and women, adults and kids.  There is footage from our visit to Clearbrook and past footage featured in our video by Scott Drucker.


May 1, 2014 Arlington Park press release announcing the Mane in Heaven and Arlington Park partnership for 2014, also video clips from the Kick-Off/Flash Mob event in Chicago:


January 14, 2014 article (the 2nd link is from a page from Clifford Law Offices about this article):


Jodie Diegel, a Northern Illinois University MBA alumni, was one of nineteen outstanding women executives to receive The Influential Women in Business Award 2013 (Daily Herald Business Ledger for her work with Mane in Heaven):


October 19, 2013 ABC 7 LIVE interview with Jodie Diegel and Dina Morgan at the 5K Trot-a-thon:


October 13, 2013 Chicago Tribune article promoting our 5K Trot-a-Thon:,0,6272969.story


September 4, 2013 Interview with Harry Porterfield, Channel 2 for his “Someone You Should Know” segment with the residents of The Lutheran Home in Arlington Heights  (as seen on Channel 2 CBS news on 9/13 and 9/17)









August 15, 2013 Arlington Heights Patch article about The Lutheran Home visit:


August 6, 2013 Kane County Chronicle article regarding our visit to Marklund:


July 31, 2013 Barrington Courier-Review (Suntimes) regarding our visit to the Garlands:


July 23, 2013 Chicago Tribune article from the Barrington Area Bulletin Board about our Garlands visit:,0,1471010.story


June 1, 2013 “Moving Picture” Daily Herald article: “Miniature Horses serve as Therapy Animals” (includes an article, pictures and a video):


December 30, 2012 Chicago Tribune article: “Miniature Horses, Major Hopes”,0,5889181.story?page=1


There is also a video clip from our interview with the Chicago Tribune showing our minis in their sneakers!




Illinois bill signed  in August 2012 which designates miniature horses as service animals:


NPR article about pet therapy and how animals and humans heal each other


The NBC show “Parks and Recreation” had a mini named Li’l Sebastian who starred in the show. Sadly, he was “killed” off in the show…maybe a perfect opportunity for the Mane in Heaven minis to head to Pawnee:


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