Meet our Minis

Our Minis are truly MADE in Heaven! 

(More pictures below)

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We are so blessed to have SIX wonderful miniature horses that are extremely sweet, loving, kind, gentle and LOVE to be LOVED.   Our minis bring unconditional love and joy at our activity and therapy visits, plus they provide some “mini-therapy” to our volunteers too! (While we love to share our horses with others, they are not available for public viewing.  Please check our calendar page for a list of visits that are available to the public).

Our horses board at Silver Lining Equestrian (owned by the Village of Lake in the Hills, leased by Tricia Sales) 1109 Pyott Rd. in Lake in the Hills, IL.  Our wonderful volunteer Joe Dowling built the most amazing  shelter outside and built out the mini stalls in the barn. There were many MIH volunteers that also contributed to the stalls and paddock area. Thank you!!!

A HUGE thank you to  Carol and Gary Swinford of Shades of Blue Ranch in Hebron IL for their miniature wonderland (their home) during the winter “off” months. Our horses received the very best loving care from their “adoptive” parents at SOBR.  Gary and Carol also were instrumental in helping us build our new paddock area for our minis!   Shades of Blue Ranch breeds rare Argentinian Falabella miniature horses and our own Jenella is a registered Falabella blend (father is a registered pure Falabella, mother is a registered  American Miniature Horse).  Our 2 new babies CinderBella and Charmer are also from the Shades of Blue Ranch!

Dick and Janet Houck of Houck Farm in Burlington WI   bred Mystery, Turnabout and Lunar (registered American Miniature Horse Association). Thank you for our awesome 3-some original herd!

MEET OUR MINIS   (they look so different when they have their furry winter coats):

Lunar  is our sweet silver bay mare with her flaxen mane and tail  and LONG blonde eyelashes. She was born 2/20/08.  She is 32″ tall (at her withers) and is such a kind and gentle soul.   Look closely at her nose and you will see a perfectly shaped heart!

Turnabout is our black gelding with one blue eye and one brown eye, a crescent moon on his forehead and a little white nose snip.  He was born 3/27/11 and stands 31″.  He is VERY curious and has a big personality, always the first to come and say hello. His fancy trot and amazing lead changes make him very handsome.

Mystery is our tiniest girl.  She was born 4/26/11 and is only 26″ tall. She is a gray and silver dapple coloring with a big white star on her forehead. She has gorgeous dapples (spots) and an assortment of colors!  She has the personality of a golden retriever and is an absolute love bug.

Jenella aka“Jennie” was born on 6/2/12 and is 28″.  She is a blue roan with blue eyes and a big white star.  Her winter coat looks black but her shaved summer coat is a light blue/gray color. She is VERY sweet and loves kisses.

Introducing our 2 NEW BABIES!

CinderBella is a black Argentinian Falabella (100%). She was born on 6/20/13 and is exquisitely petite. She is sweet, curious and an adorable sweetheart!

Charmer was born on 4/21/13 and is a very light golden silver dapple. He mom is an Appaloosa so there may be some spots under the furry winter coat. She is adorable!

Lunar, Turnabout and Mystery have  formal registered names (named by Houck breeders, registered through the AMHA/American Miniature Horse Association) which we loved and kept.   Lunar  is “Houcks Lunar Moon Celebration” (she was born on the night of a lunar moon).  Turnabout is “Houcks Turn About to The Lord” and Mystery is “Houcks Islay Mystery of the Gospel ” (you can see their lineage at  Jenella is a registered Falabella blend miniature. Her registered name is “Shades of Blue Ranch Jenella Falabella,” aka Jennie or Jen Jen. We also have Shades of Blue Ranch’s Charmer (AMHA/AMHR) and Painted Acres CinderBella Falabella (100% pure Falabella Registry).

The inspiration for the name Mane in Heaven actually came from their names.  With such heavenly names and a little play on the words about our horses being made in heaven, “Mane in Heaven” was born.

Our horses are registered therapy horses through Pet Partners (see  They had to go through extensive training and testing to become registered therapy horses which ensures that they have met the highest animal-assisted therapy qualifications.  They are wonderful therapy animals and when we go out on visits they are decked out  in their different color name halters and their Build-a-Bear sneakers!


LUNAR is our silver bay mare w/a flaxen blonde mane & tail, LONG blonde eyelashes and a heart on her nose

MYSTERY is our tiniest gray and silver dapple lovebug…she could not possibly be any cuter

TURNABOUT is our handsome black colt w/ his prancing trot, gorgeous blue eye and curious personality


JENELLA is a blue roan with blue eyes. Guess what her favorite color is?!   Blue!    (almost black winter coat, light grey/blue roan summer coat)

Introducing CinderBella (black) and Charmer (light)

2 babiesCinderBellaCharmer

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 VIDEOS of Lunar, Turnabout and Mystery (videos of Jenella to come!):

Video of the CinderBella and Charmer’s first day in the herd 1/24/15:

VIDEO of  3 of our Mane in Heaven’s Minis (with their mini friend George, the “big” black mini) Summer 2012





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