Meet Us


* denotes completion of Pet Partners Handler course 

** denotes Registered Pet Partners Handler; completion of Pet Partner Handler course AND Pet Partners testing w/horse(s) ________________________________________________________________________________      

  3 sons  

**JODIE DIEGEL, RN &  the minis                     My 3 sons                      w/Stitch               Buffett & Dudley (both therapy dogs)
(Executive Director/Founder)
1379480_10201506587418282_1849728965_n           Jennifer and village manager     Jennifer and Turnabout
JENNIFER CHERNAK (Treasurer; middle)
Ann and Mystery image  Ann and Lunar
 ANN CRAWFORD (Secretary)


**JEAN GALLO  (Volunteer Coordinator)              w/Lenny                                                 Red Rabbit Racing (co-owner)



**DINA MORGAN, RN  (Fundraising/Grant Writing)


    image    Claire and Lunar

**CLAIRE JOHNSON (Director at Large)


Tim and Turnabout Mystery Test Polo Club Tim & Stella

**TIM SCOTELLARO (Director at Large)



             Nancy and Lunar  

   **Ariel                                                                           **Rosanne                                                           Nancy

                    Kenyon and Lunar                  

**Rebecca                                                                       *Kenyan                                    **Danielle (w/Gillian & Jackson)

                        Carrie and Mystery

   **Tess                                                                         *Kayla                                                          **Carrie


        **Ally                                                       **Laura                                         Joe (Handyman)                                                                                                             


     **Emily                                                                  **Stephanie                                *Becky       

           Kyra and mystery                  

**Karen                                                          **Kyra                                                                       **Kirsten

               kit           mary and lunar

Taylor                                                                  *Kitt*                                                                   *Mary

     Debi and Mystery     Deborah and Turnabout

                 Kim                                                     *Debi                                                       Deborah

Liz and Turnabout     Pam and Jennie    Stacey and Lunar

         *Liz                                                      Pam                                                            *Stacey

Teresa and Turnabout     Taylor and Jenella      Kari and Turnabout

       Teresa                                                  Taylor                                                   Kari

Peggy and Jenella